My Story

About Emer:

A self-taught artist and lifelong animal lover, Emer loves to draw your pets and the many animals she encounters in life.Her favorite medium is charcoal which she discovered in 2020 when she started her daily animal art practise.  Charcoal lends an expressive warmth to her studies and portraits of all sorts of animals. 

Her WHY:

Because “Old dogs CAN learn new tricks!”

As a Mom to three teenagers, Emer is intrigued by the popular theory that you can improve at anything if you spend enough time and effort on it.  In 2020, during the global pandemic, Emer resolved privately to test this by learning how to draw. Her goal was to improve her painting skills by really mastering drawing. But when she started drawing with charcoal her aspirations shifted - she enjoyed working with charcoal so much more than any other medium that she resolved to spend as much time with charcoal as possible. She loves to experiment with other mediums and truly enjoys color too but for now her daily drawing practise is focused primarily on charcoal drawing. Her growth as an artist is attributable to daily practise and to a real love of her subject matter - her love of animals shines through in her expressive drawings.

Emer draws because she truly LOVES drawing!  Her goal is to evoke an emotional response with each drawing. She draws every day and cannot imagine her life if it were not filled with sweet critters and puppy dogs and art. Her professional background is in marketing. She feels extremely fortunate to be on this artistic journey where she shares a little beauty and joy with her animal drawings that she works on with love. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Emer lives on Boston’s North Shore with her husband, their three teenagers and, of course, several pets.